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HEDO - a bridge to join happiness sides

Written by Bich L oan

Ten years ago, Highland Education-Science-Health Development Organisation (HEDO) was founded to follow Decree No72 of Politburo on socio-economic development in mountainous and ethnic minority areas. Although there are limited number of staff and organisation administration is run by its own budget, HEDO has identified clearly its humanitarian objectives: to work for people and children in mountainous and ethnic minority areas; to promote education development; to improve human cultural knowledge; to support them develop to assess important tools such as science and technology since first days of foundation. So that they are able to get rid of poverty, backwardness, illiteracy and diseases; to create rich, civilised and equal life and to construct a prosperous Vietnam country with many ethnic group living harmoniously and cooperatively in the country and in the world.

During the past 10 years, HEDO has called on assistance from international organisation and cooperated with central and local Governments to carry out over 70 projects with total capital of over 22 billion VND as it has not received any funding from Vietnamese Government. HEDO implements project in the provinces such as Lao Cai, Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Lang Son, Yen Bai, Lai Chau, Gia Lai, Kontum... and focuses on main programmes such as anti-illiteracy; universal primary education; teacher training; vocational training improvement; training scientists in Vietnam and abroad; population and family planning; preservation, development and exchange of ethnic minority cultures; drug abuse prevention; extend international relation.

In line with humanitarian and intellectual trend, HEDO is more and more highly appraised by Government agencies, NGOs, public organisations, institutes, universities, scientists, activists and sponsors in Vietnam and foreign countries. Thanks to their effective work, they are believed and loved by local leaders, Government, unions and people in mountainous areas.

HEDO invited 40 English experts to teach English for highland cadre and sent hundreds of people to study and research in foreign countries. HEDO joins as ordinary members of 5 international and regional associations sponsored by United Nation and ASEAN, established relation with over 100 organisations in 45 countries. HEDO really becomes a bridge to join local and international; international and local.


Director - War invalid teacher Trinh Ngoc Trinh has make great contribution in these achievements. During the past 10 years, War Invalid Teacher Trinh Ngoc Trinh has travelled up and down dale, waded cross streams and climbed up mountains to remote and isolated villages to understand and meet urgent needs of ethnic minority people. Once he fell when he was climbing up mountain to visit ethnic minority people. With only one arm left, he could not grasp anything so he slipped over the hillside but the bushes saved his life. One time, he torn his chin when he was climbing up the hill... He smiles and told us: In the wartime, the enemy shot me but I was still alive, only broke one arm. I also met a lot of dangers when coming to visit ethnic minority people... But as I met them, I forgot all dangers and difficulties. At that time, there was only characteristic of Uncle Hos soldier in my mind. The more I go to highland areas the more thing I have to do for them. The projects we implemented do not really do something enough. Therefore, we are always worried and try our best to call on new projects, bring happiness and new life to ethnic minority people.




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