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HEDO's Projects

To invest projects for Highland Education is the main support of HEDO with the financial in Vietnam and abroad; HEDO has worked in coordination with the local authorities to invest in projects called as "models"; such as model for concentration education, for training scientific and technical personal particularly teachers for the mountainous areas; for general education schools form kindergartens to primary, secondary schools especially concentration schools; for anti-illiteracy and the universalisation of primary education. By doing so, HEDO has made its contribution to renovation of highland education in the principle of linking education with economy, schools with production and science so as to serve the state strategy of socio-economic development in the mountainous areas.

Investments in models is to bring into full play of the effectiveness of project and to keep the memory of the donor and assistance and the support by the various organisation and individuals. HEDO has so far enjoyed the assistance of different organisation for the following projects:




H.E. the Indian Ambassador, Mr. Aftab Seth and Director of HEDO, Prof. Trinh Ngoc Trinh visit the Vietnam-India Friendship School in Dai Tu District, Thai Nguyen Province - August 1999


1. The National Centre for Scientific Research of Vietnam with the projects: - Training postgraduates ethnic minority people with the themes which are applicable and practical to the highland areas. - Supporting the Viet Bac Teacher's Training College in facilities for scientific and technical research, personal training and laboratory equipment. - Assisting Bac Thai province programme of the applying scientific and technology in the highland. - Giving annual Award "Science for the highland" to the outstanding scientific and technical works and individuals with successful research in the application of scientific advances and in the personal training for the highland


Mr. Mong Minh Xuan, Chairman of District People's Commitee and Prof. Trinh Ngoc Trinh, Director of HEDO visit soybean field of the "Poverty Eradication" project funded by British Embassy in Na Ri district, Bac Can province


2. The Polytechnic University with the projects: - Training postgraduates from the ethnic minority people in the technical fields that are necessary for mountainous areas. - Implementing pilot project for the introduction of informatics to the highland. - Assisting the construction of small-sized hydro electric power station in a number of sites in the highland.


Mrs. Veronica Dallen, Representative of Radda Barnen (Sweden) and Director of HEDO, Trinh Ngoc Trinh cut the inauguration band of Bac Ha Kindergarten in Bac Ha District, Lao Cai province with witness of Vice Minister of Education and Training and Chairman of Lao Cai People's Committee and local officials, people, teachers and pupils


3. The Education Publisher with the projects: - Sponsoring the Cao Bang Teacher's Training College. - Assisting The Pac Bo Primary School in Cao Bang.


H.E. the Bristish Ambassador, P. William and Prof. Trinh Ngoc Trinh, Director of HEDO were exchanging idea at the Opening Ceremoney of The Fostering Course for Tearcher of English, Hanoi December, 1995



4. The University of Communication with the Project: - Pilot training higher qualified communication engineers from various ethnic minority people.



Prof. Poko, Vice Chairman of Asia-Pacific Pre-School Childen Support Committe, Chairman of Japanese Pre-School Childen Support Committe visited and discussed with HEDO at HEDO office, 49 Dai Co Viet Road, Hanoi


5. The Highland Economic Development General Company with the project to set up carpenter and engineering workshop. - Providing the Viet Bac Young Cadet School with information equipment.


Prof. Ramlal Parikh, Director of ICEA (Asian region) and Prof. Trinh Ngoc Trinh, Director of HEDO visited the Viet Bac Highland Boarding Primary School for Ethnic Minorities in Thai Nguyen township



6. The Central Committee for the Eradication of the Illiteracy and the Complementary Education Department Ministry of Education an Training with the anti-illiteracy project in Bach Thong district and Can Ho Village (H'mong Nationality).



Vice President of Vietnam, Madam Nguyen Thi Binh received the delegation of Medecil and Scientific Aid for Vietnam-Lao-Cambodia (MSA-VLC), Director of HEDO, Prof. Trinh Ngoc Trinh also attended


7. The Ministry of Health with the projects: - Working through HEDO for the consolidation of health services in primary levels and in schools. - Supporting in the implementation of the basic health education programs for the students of the Teacher's Training Colleges in the highland so that after their graduating they can also act as nurses in the remote village. - Supporting training medical grade specialists and post graduates who have long service in the highland and are sponsored by HEDO. - Coordinating projects sponsored by international institutions aimed at linking Education with Health. Apart from above projects, other joint ones have been carried out by HEDO in coordination with the Hanoi People's Committee; The Complementary Education Department (Ministry of Education and Training); The Golden Heart Charitable Association of Vietnam.




HEDO's delegates visisted a remote area in Indor state, India as a part of the Prevention of Drug Workshop



1. The Swedish Save The Children (Radda Barnen) has funded an education overall program for Hoang Lien Son, especially for the highland District of Bac Ha (H'mong Ethnic Group)



Irish Minister of State Seamus Brennan T.D. received HEDO delegation headed by Prof. Trinh Ngoc Trinh at Institute of English, Dublin, Republic of Ireland - 13th January, 1999



2. Higher Education support Organisation (F.R.G) has funded the literacy project in Bach Thong District (Bac Thai)


President of Medecil and Scientific Aid for Vietnam-Lao-Cambodia (MSA-VLC) received HEDO delegation headed by Director of HEDO Trinh Ngoc Trinh at House of Parliament, United Kingdom. H.E. Vietnamese Ambassador Chau Phong also attended



3. Population Development Authority (PDA) one of the biggest non-government Organisations in Thailand is planning to assist in education project in Son La and Lai Chau provinces and in short term training for Vietnamese people.


HEDO delegates Director of HEDO, Prof. Trinh Ngoc Trinh, the Governor of Cao Bang province Mr. Nong Hong Thai, Director of Education Publisher Mr. Tram Phuong, Deputy Managing Director of National Map Centre Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung at Meeting of ICEA in Trinidad Tobago, 1992



4. The Golden Heart Charitable Institution (Australia) is planning to provide assistance the Bac Thai Highland Secondary School. HEDO has also enjoyed the support from:
- International Community Education Association (ICEA), of which HEDO is a member.
- The Centre for Drug Prevention in School forum in September 1990 in Kuala Lumpur of which HEDO is a founding member.



HEDO delegation attended at the IFNGO ASEAN NGOs Workshop on "Social and Economic Impact of Drug Abuse and Control" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia July, 1996



In addition to the project which have been being implemented by it, HEDO welcome and look forward to the cooperation and assistance form all charitable organisations and individuals both at home and abroad in new project for the development of highland education.

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