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Training of Cadres and teachers, vocation for mountainous and ethnic minority people to meet the demands of National Industrialization and Modernization. A number of problems to solve in the year 2000 and coming years.

(Mr. Thai Quang Nhan- Director of Department for Education - Training of Kontum Province).


Distinguished Guest,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, on the behalf of Cadres, teachers, pupils and students of the Contemn province, I wish for the HEDO Board Boards of Director and all delegates attending HEDO 10th Foundation Anniversary and Workshops good health and success.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Kontum is a small province in the Upland of Western plateau, which was established in October 1991 with 53% ethnic minority people, and with infrastructure of very poor economy and techniques. As a first, in the acceptance and management of education and training are meeting difficulties. The proportion of children to school were lowest and illiteracy was high (40%). The material basis of schools and classes has fallen (80%). Cadres and teachers were not enough low quality. Kontum education and training undergoes very big difficulties. The problem is that there are two ways. One is to maintain and consolidate results of education training at that time for development and other one is to change the new method of working and management to improve the quality of education training to meet the cause of national industrialization and modernization.

10 years ago (Kontum was separated in 1991), the work of education and training in Kontum province was a small scale. But comparing 199 - 1992, in the year of 1999 - 2000 schools and classes have increased by 161%, pupils by 276%, education personnel by 444%. Kontum has attained national standard on anti-illiteracy and primary education generalization. The quality of teaching and studying is better, low-quality pupils have decreased, and good and excellent students have increased gradually.

The above results are gained thank to the Government, support of international friends and the effort of leaders and teachers.

With difficulties in the first step, HEDO has come to Kontum province. There is a cock-and-bull sentence: “a little food when hunger is better than a plenty of food when full”. HED has supported to construct leprosy clinic in Van Lem (Dak to); clean water system for the boarding ethnic school and local people in Ngoc Hoi especially to send many staff and teachers to train at universities in the country and foreign countries. At the request from HEDO, volunteer teachers from the United Kingdom to Kontum to upgrade English for English teachers. HEDO has also mobilized international friends to supply equipment for teaching English in Kontum province.

As you know, cadres a is decisive factor, therefore leaders and Department of Education and Training attach much importance for training personnel of branches, especially for teacher from primary school to secondary school and vocational training. Because of the poor province so we seek for the support from social organization and international friends. We hope HEDO become a bridge between international organizations and Kontum province to help and support a lot of projects for the work of education and training.

Thank you very much for your attention.




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