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Speech at HEDO 10th Foundation Anniversary

(From 28th March 1990 to 28th March 2000)


Please be worthier

For the belief of Ethnic minority people!


Delivered by Prof. Pham Minh Hac

         Vice Director of Central Science and Education Board

10 years is not a long period in comparison with history of an organization. HEDO, however, has done a lot of valuable works as the Director of HEDO reported in the Workshop. On behalf of Central Science and Education Committee, I highly appreciate and congratulate the achievements that HEDO has gained during the past 10 years.

As you all understand, the name of HEDO, which stands for Highland Education Development Organization, is familiar and affectionate with ethnic minority people. HEDO really become an effective NGO working for the development of education in our mountainous areas. The Head of this organization is Mr. Trinh Ngoc Trinh who was known under the name of Brother Ngoc and beloved by his friends in the fight against French aggressor. As a Director, he with his staff has made great effort to implement an important and valuable task, which is put as “the first Policy of Nation” by Vietnamese Party and Government - the development of education. The International friends have admired, believed and established the cooperative relationship with HEDO though their operation time is not very long. So far, HEDO has implemented over 70 projects with total amount of dozens of billions dong in remote and isolated areas. These presents have great economic values and significance. They promote the education - health - science cooperation between highland province with domestic and foreign organizations. During the past 10 years of operation, HEDO has drawn good experience on building NGO model working for education. Retired educators, teachers, diplomats and officials who are still in good health can continue to contribute in the development of education. Government does not have to pay salary and subsidies for them. In addition, foreign companies especially foreign NGOs actively cooperate and sponsor for remote regions which help reduce the gap and inequality on education development between highland and ethnic minority areas and the rest of the country.

Certainly, there are still many things, which we have done not done or done not very well during the past 10 years, and we have to draw the experience lessons.  However, it is not today for us to talk about them. And it is sure that HEDO will get better results in its second decades. Today, at this meeting I would like to confirm that HEDO has gain credibility of people and friends. This is the biggest award for HEDO. I do believe that HEDO will operate more actively and gain more achievements, their work will be more effective. HEDO will be always worth to the love of ethnic minority people.

Wishing all of you good health and success.



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