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Speech by Nguyen Thi Yen, Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Lang Son Province at the HEDO Seminar on 28 March 2000.


Distinguish Guests,

Commands and friends,

The ethnic boarding secondary school (EBSS) is special school restaurant for the children of ethnic people in highland, and remote areas to produce ethnic personal in the areas.

Supported by the Ministry of Education and training by the central government and ministries, institutions and great effort made by the provincial officials, Lang Son has built up so ethnic boarding secondary schools with 1712 students, including 1 secondary school in the provincial town, 9 secondary schools in districts which reserved for the students of from I and II.

As other mountainous province, Lang Son has spent a share of budget to open Ethnic Boarding secondary school (EBSS). Many of them have been constructed with solid material in which chess rooms, libraries, and dinning rooms. Boarding houses equipped with good accommodation.

The ethnic students from remote areas learning in those schools have gained good remarks in study, good conduct, physical exercises, and art. Some become best students of province, and country in study and gymnastics. Many of them, after finishing EBSS, they passed to vocational colleges. They will be ethnic officials for the ethnic region in future.

Beside the support of the Ministry of Education and Training, HEDO is also a source of supply of equipment for the EBSS with chairs and tables made from good wood, which help enhance quality of teaching and learning.

HEDO has given the EBSS of Loc Binh district, a sewing workshop where sewing technique can be taught for students.

HEDO also has assisted to upgrade knowledge level of ethnic teachers and personnel by organizing study-tours to foreign countries. In cooperation with Ministry of Health, HEDO organize courses to train teachers/ combined with nurses works in the villages. As for the poor province, these HEDO’s support constitutes effective significance.

Dear delegates,

On this occasion, on behalf of the People’s Committee of Lang Son province, I express my sincere thanks to all ministries, department of Central Government, to HEDO, to NGOs, and individuals for their efficient assistance to Lang Son province.

We look forward to gaining more cooperation and assistance from the Central Government, HEDO and international institutions...

Thank you for your attention.




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