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Bac Kan demand on cooperation and support of HEDO

Speech by Mr. Ha Van Phung - Secretary of Party Committee, Bac Kan province on 28th March 2000.

Dear Director and HEDO leaders,

Dear delegates,

I have the honor to attend 10th Anniversary of HEDO foundation and Seminar on "Education - Science - Health Development and Poverty Abolition in Ethnic Highland regions". On this occasion, allowed me on behalf of the poor and miserable people to express warmest congratulation to HEDO for its assistance and concern to the poor, wish HEDO further develop and success.

Dear delegates,

Separated from Bac Thai - Cao Bang, Bac Kan is a highland province, 70% of its communes constitutes especially difficult areas. Bac Kan is the poorest province out of 61 provinces in the whole country. Their infrastructure underdeveloped, economies slowly grown up, many social evils unsettled.

After splitting from Bac Thai (1st October 1997), the ethnic group in Bac Kan have made great effort and recorded encouraging results. Social economic structure has been improved, production considerably increased, some social problems have been effectively resolved. After 2 years, in December 1998, Bac Kan was recognized a free-illiteracy province, and primary education generalization. The education movement in ethnic people sluggish for many years now recovered, the school students grow up in number. The school year 1997 - 1998, there are 2,310 students compared with 2,679 students every ten thousand people in 1991 - 2000. The income has gone up to 500,000 VND per capita; 70 kg per capita of food, ratio of poverty reduces to 14%.

Dear delegates,

Our people are aware of the spirit of self-reliance, not passive and dependent. However, due to the low-level living standard, and always faces with difficulties in climate, weather, in the near future, we need more assistance and support from outside, including HEDO, a good friend of us.

For the ethnic people, our demand is great and multi-purposed, but the most important is the experience in organization and development of which HEDO have advantageous position. We look forward to HEDO continue to cooperate and support people in the field of education development, vocational training, personnel training, transfer of science and technology, hunger abolition and poverty reduction, health care.

Wish you good health. Wish Director and leader board of HEDO more success in humanitarian works with the ethnic and highland people.

Thank you.



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