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Speech by Academician Prof. Dang Vu Minh

Director of the Center of Natural Science and Technology (CNST) at the Seminar on Education - Science - Health and Poverty Abolition in the Highland and Ethnic Groups

(on 28th March 2000)

Dear Party and State leaders,
Distinguished guests,
Comrade and friends,

Today, I am delighted to be allowed to give speech at the Seminar on the occasion of 10th Anniversary of HEDO foundation. First of all, on behalf of the Center, express warmest congratulation to HEDO with its Director, Prof. Trinh Ngoc Trinh.

Allow me to highlight some points of activities made by the CNST in service to support social and economic development in the highland provinces.

For the past years, the CNST operations have focused on researching prospects for social and economic development. All areas of the whole country, from the Northern provinces to the Central Highland where have been printed by foot of technical workers and researcher of CNST. The ethnic people have successfully implemented many results of researches.

In agricultural fields, new variety of rice which can sustain for cold and draught are suitable for highland climate, new processing technology of agriculture products, setting up factories to produce fertilizers have been effectively applied in various areas.

To improve the living standard of the ethnic and highland people mini hydro-generators, wind-generator, sun-power stations have been researched and manufactured to supply electricity for the people so that they can built houses, schools by composite material produced by CNST. The supply of clean water also has been actively researches and widely applied, various kinds of water distillery material have been used. Particularly in 1999, a water reservoir in the valley of Limestone Lake in Son La province has been tested successfully by technicians of the Center, which opened new possibility to supply water in dry season for the highland areas.

Beside the above-mentioned activities in the past years, the Center in cooperation with HEDO have trained post-graduate students of ethnic groups. So far dozens of teachers graduated from training courses of the Research Institute of CNST have received master degree. Many of them become core leaders of provincial department or head of committees of local authority. They also often maintained close relationship with CNST.

To do better the research works and training of ethnic students, three problems should be solved:

1.     In State budget, 1% of which should be spent for technical workers and experts who work in local provinces including ethnic areas.

2.     Policies and other social welfare such as salary, allowance ... should be paid to scientists and technical workers when they work in the ethnic and highland areas.

3.     Preferential policies for transport fare etc... should be applied to assist the ethnic provinces in implementation of advanced technology in production.

4.     The Center create favorable conditions for HEDO as well as other NGOs to attract the sponsorship for project on science and technology in highland and ethnic areas.

We believe that this Seminar constitutes a good opportunity for researchers and Science Institutions, provincial delegates in which they can exchange experience in economic and social development of the ethnic and highland people.

We wish the Seminar success and good health and happiness to all delegates.

Thank you for your attention.



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