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HEDO projects in Cuong Loi commune, Na Ri district, Bac Kan province

Thanks to funding from British Embassy in Hanoi, HEDO is actively implementing the project "Planting high-yield potato CFK 691 for poverty reduction in Cuong Loi commune, Na Ri district, Bac Kan province".

HEDO discussed with Center for CFK 691 pototo in Da Lat, Dr. Tran Le - Director of the Center guarantee to provide potato breed for planting 10 ha in Cuong Loi commune.

HEDO invited Dr. Tran Le and other engineers to Cuong Loi commune for giving lecture at training workshop on planting, nursing and picking this high-yield potato to farmers.

At present, People's Committee of Cuong Loi is organizing for farmers to register the production of CFK 691 so that they can start planting in July and August.

Apart from planting CFK 691 potato, HEDO is going also provide the breeds of British duck (giving lots of eggs), French goose (giving lots of meat) and California rabbit (giving lots of rabbit babies) to 76 households in this commune. On 7th April 2003, HEDO Director took doctors, engineers, Directors and Vice Directors from Research Center for Duck and goose, Center for Goat and Rabbit as well as Senior Expert from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to Cuong Loi commune. They provided methods of raising, food processing, breeding facilities, disease prevention, and environmental sanitation to the farmers there.

In addition, HEDO established an experimental room for breeding at Cuong Loi commune. Young people who graduated secondary and high schools are provided funding to attend the training course on producing mushroom enzyme. Now they succeed in providing mushroom breed to farmers in their commune and neighboring communes.

People in Cuong Loi commune, Nari district, Backan province are now pleased in planting the usual seasonal rice and participating in the projects of planting high yield potato and mushroom, raising duck, goose and rabbit to develop production for poverty reduction with the support from HEDO.

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