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HEDO projects in Cuong Loi commune, Na Ri district, Bac Kan province.

Thanks to funding from British Embassy in Hanoi, HEDO is actively implementing the project "Planting high-yield potato CFK 691 for poverty reduction in Cuong Loi commune, Na Ri district, Bac Kan province".

HEDO discussed with Center for CFK 691 pototo in Da Lat, Dr. Tran Le - Director of the Center guarantee to provide potato breed for planting 10 ha in Cuong Loi commune.

HEDO invited Dr. Tran Le and other engineers to Cuong Loi commune for giving lecture at training workshop on planting, nursing and picking this high-yield potato to farmers.

At present, People's Committee of Cuong Loi is organizing for farmers to register the production of CFK 691 so that they can start planting in July and August.

Apart from planting CFK 691 potato, HEDO is going also provide the breeds of British duck (giving lots of eggs), French goose (giving lots of meat) and California rabbit (giving lots of rabbit babies) to 76 households in this commune. On 7th April 2003, HEDO Director took doctors, engineers, Directors and Vice Directors from Research Center for Duck and goose, Center for Goat and Rabbit as well as Senior Expert from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to Cuong Loi commune. They provided methods of raising, food processing, breeding facilities, disease prevention, and environmental sanitation to the farmers there.

In addition, HEDO established an experimental room for breeding at Cuong Loi commune. Young people who graduated secondary and high schools are provided funding to attend the training course on producing mushroom enzyme. Now they succeed in providing mushroom breed to farmers in their commune and neighboring communes.

People in Cuong Loi commune, Nari district, Backan province are now pleased in planting the usual seasonal rice and participating in the projects of planting high yield potato and mushroom, raising duck, goose and rabbit to develop production for poverty reduction with the support from HEDO.

HEDO organized the visit for a group including officials, leaders, agricultural officers and farmers of Cuong Loi commune, Na Ri district, Bac Kan province to the farms which raise goats, rabbits, ducks and ostriches of Ha Tay province from 17th to 19th February 2003.

After three days of visiting and changing experience, participants were very happy and learn many useful experiences from farm owners to develop their own business.
After visiting good models of production, they paid a visit of condolence to Ho Chi Minh at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and visited his working and home places.

After the visit, HEDO will provide them with non-interest loan to develop their farming produce for poverty reduction and household economic development.

Medical and Scientific Aid for Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia (MSA-VLC) UK provided funding of US$ 9,824 to HEDO for the training program for 100 traditional midwives in Sapa district, Lao cai province at the beginning of 2003.

Sapa is an upland district of Lao Cai province, which is located in Northern Highland areas of Vietnam, 400 km far from Hanoi capital. It heights is average 1,500 meters above the sea level, with the highest mountain in Vietnam - PHANXIPAN - (about 3,143m). Sapa has a rich ethnic minority culture from six ethnic groups, especially H'Mong and Dao ethnic groups account for 78.2% of total population. Sapa is also a famous resort of Vietnam as well as the world.

Due to many difficulties such as low-level education, backward customs, lots of different ethnic groups such as H'Mong, Dao, San Diu, La Chi, Lo Lo, they often pray and worship the God when they are ill and they give birth at home or in forest, do not want to go to the clinic. As a result, maternal and infancy mortality rate is very high even some cases died with simple reasons.

The reason why ethnic minority people want to give birth at home or in forest with support of traditional midwives is that they think old-aged traditional midwives are experienced and they is not shy as they are like their parents. Pitifully, these midwives are not trained with medical knowledge, method of delivering child as well as how to use medical instruments and medication as well as train mothers about reproductive health.

The training program for traditional midwives is to provide medical knowledge and scientific method of delivering in particular and knowledge on reproductive health and family planning in general. In addition, they will be provided with one medical bag including medical instruments and medicines for child delivery at the end of the training course.

HEDO has been invited to submit nominations for the prestigious United Nations Vienna Society Award

It honours individuals and/or organisations who have distinguished themselves by making outstanding contributions to the fight against drug abuse, crime and terrorism. Detail>>

We are currently appealing for your aid, financial support and consultant for following projects:

3. Proposal On Planting Fruit Tree And Reforesting Of Pupils And Teachers In Bac-Ha District, Lao-Cai Province.

Agriculture and Forestry are the main sectors of the local economy. In the agriculture, planting is the key production with rice, maize and cash tree such as tea, soybean. The fruit trees, which are suitable for local climate and land, are peach, pear, and plum. In the forestry, the main trees, which are planted, are pine, bead, mo tree, lat tree and tongqua tree.

Detail >>

1. Project Proposal for Designing and Publishing Set of Vietnamese-ethnic Minority Language Dictionaries

At present, there is an increasing demand in learning Vietnamese and ethnic minority languages in Vietnam, however book system tools as dictionaries are in shortage and not realistic.  HEDO cooperates with Ethnic Minority Book Center to designing set of Vietnamese-Ethnic Minority language dictionaries in order to meet the demand of students in  ethnic minority areas where they still face difficulties in education development and to serve communication among Vietnamese and ethnic minority people there.

Detail >>

2. Conserve Environmental and Upgrading Historical Area of Old Carving Stone

A long time ago, over 500 block of marble which were sculptured with various shapes were discovered in muong hoa valley which is 8 km far from Sapa town, along Hoa stream through Lao Chai, Hau Thao, Ta Van And Su Pan communes...
Although the old carving stone area is an ancient relic with historical, cultural and art values at national and international level, it does not bring into play its value to serve human interest and it is being damaged over time.

Detail >>

HEDO has been implemented more than 70 projects for last ten years throughout the country and abroad. All projects focused on providing education, science and health aid for disadvantaged ethnic groups in highland areas of the country that were mainly supported from HEDO with the financial resourse coming from within Vietnam and abroad. HEDO has worked in coordination with the local authorities to invest in projects called as "models", such as model for concentration education, for training scientific and technical personal particularly teachers for the mountainous areas, for general education schools form kindergartens to primary, secondary schools especially concentration schools, for anti-illiteracy and the universalisation of primary education. By doing so, HEDO has made its contribution to renovation of highland education, science and health care in the principle of linking education with economy, schools with production and science as well as community health care, so as to serve the state strategy of socio-economic development in the mountainous areas.

Investments in models is to bring into full play of the effectiveness of project and to keep the memory of the donor and assistance and the support by the various organisation and individuals. HEDO has so far enjoyed the assistance of different organisation for many projects.

We take this chance to sincerely thank international organisations as well as domestic agencies for supporting and cooperating with HEDO on effective works. Detail >>

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