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Project proposal

Planting new high-yield CFK 691 potato to reduce poverty in two communes of Bang Coc and Thai Hoa, Ham Yen district, Tuyen Quang province

I.  Background to the project

HEDO has successfully implemented the project “Planting high-yield soybean DT84 for poverty reduction  in Na Ri district, Bac Kan province”, and a number of poverty reduction projects.

Attach herewith the report of Mr. Nong Minh Xuan – Chairman of Na Ri People’s Committee about the result the soybean planting project.

Now HEDO calls on the gracious support from international organisation and individuals for the project “Planting new high-yield CFK 691 potato to reduce poverty and injustice for 218 households in two communes of Bang Coc and Thai Hoa, Ham Yen district, Tuyen Quang province”.

Tuyen Quang which means “Valley of light” in ancient Vietnamese language is mountainous province in North East of Vietnam, where 38 ethnic groups live in co-existence. Tuyen Quang is famous for beauty spots and charming girls. Tuyen Quang has 6 town and districts including Ham Yen district.

Ham Yen district situates in the North of Tuyen Quang, adjencent with Ha Giang province. The total natural areas is 8,976 ha. Total population is 102,000 including 12 ethnic groups in which 42% is Vietnamese, 23% is Tay ethnic, 22% is Dao ethnic, 12% is H’Mong ethnic. There are one town and 17 communes in the district.

With the view of generating income and livelihoods, introducing valuable experiences which HEDO has gained in other localities (and continuing to convince policy-makers, HEDO would like to submit the proposal “Planting new high-yield CFK 691 potato to reduce poverty and injustice” for 218 poor households belong to 4 ethnic groups such as Dao, Cao Lan, Tay and Kinh in Bang Coc and Thai Hoa communes of Ham Yen district, Tuyen Quang province. This project will make full use of idle land for 4 months (between winter rice crop to summer rice crop) and help poor farmers to enhance income for sustainable livelihood.

The CFK 691 potato gives three times output than local one. HEDO invested in pilot planting CFK 691 potato in Cuong Loi commune, Na Ri district, Bac Kan province. The average output is 28,000 kg/ha.

At wholesale price, one ha will gain 1,500 VND/kg x 28,000 kg = 42,000,000 VND. After excluding initial investment in potato seed, bio-fertiliser, N.P.K fertiliser, Super phosphorus, bio-pesticide Mocap of 22,725,000 VND per hectare, the profit will be 19,275,000 VND. In addition, the farmers are benefit in making bio-fertiliser from muck thanks to the training workshop that the proposed project will provide. With profit of 9,000,000 VND/ha from bio-fertiliser, the total profit they will gain per hectare:

19,275,000 VND + 9,000,000 VND = 28,275,000 VND.

If the project provide loan to each household to plant 1,000 m2 (1/10 ha), they will get the income is 2,827,500 VND (equivalent to 18,000 kg of rice) after loan repayment.

II. Project Objectives

1.  To involve land use and increase land fertility.

2.  To introduce advanced science and technology in farming in locality such as: seed, techniques of land making, planting, nursing and harvesting, fertilisers including bio-fertiliser usage.

3.   Generate income and livelihood to reduce poverty.

III. Implementation

Brief description of proposed activities:

        Meeting with farmers for project presentation and discussion.

        Making contract between HEDO and District People’s Committee.

        Training workshop for farmers

        Provide loan in kind : seed, fertilisers and bio- pesticide fertilisers in community.

        Planting, nursing and harvesting potato.

        Agricultural officers at district and commune level directly monitor and instruct farmer to apply techniques that are introduced in training workshop.

        People’s committees at district and commune level will report frequently to HEDO, HEDO with agricultural experts will supervise and monitor at four periods: land preparation, planting and fertilising, nursing and additionally fertilising, harvest preparation.

        Harvesting and selling products.

        Review meeting.

IV. Personel

1.  HEDO is responsible for monitoring the project implementation and submitting financial, narrative and final reports to donor. Project Manager will be occuppied by Prof. Trinh Ngoc Trinh - Director of HEDO, other four HEDO staff will be project officers and administrators.

2.  District People’s Committee represented byVice Chairman in charge of Agriculture and Agricultural Encouragement Office is responsible for receiving and distributing the loan in kind, monitoring, detecting and submitting household which need exemption from loan repayment due to unexpected damage if any, collecting loan repayment and organising review meeting.

3.  Commune People’s Committee, especially agricutural officers are responsible for monitoring, technically supporting to farmers.

4.  218 farmer household voluntarily registrate in planting potato in the project, they have to guarantee to following techniques of planting, nursing and harvesting as provided in training workshop, repaying loan and selling potato to HEDO.

V. Budget:

-         107 poor household in Bang Coc commune will be provided loan to plant 10.7 ha of potato (each household plants 1,000 m2).

-         118 poor households in Thai Hoa commune will be provided loan to plant 11.8 ha of potato (each household plants 1,000 m2).

Total area which needs funding: 10.7 ha + 11.8 ha = 22.5 ha

Total budget for 22.5 ha (material for potato planting and expenses for travel, administrative and review meeting):            557.634.375 VND .

In which:

-         Local contribution (by bio-fertiliser):    202.500.000 VND

-         Budget asking for funding :                              355.134.375 VND

Which is equivalent to 23,060 USD (twenty three thousand and sixty US dollars).

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